Why such a concept?

Cut price night-sleep has been conceived by simple users who do not wish to keep paying high rates to sleep a few hours only. It is a website aiming at particulars or accommodation professionals willing to offer one or more bedrooms all over France at a guaranteed maximum price of € 25/night, allowing all categories of travellers to benefit from low-price rooms all across the country.
Why a maximum of € 25/room/night?

€25 is the limit hosts can not go beyond, so that they can make attractive and low-rate offers to guests, who have the guarantee to find a room at this maximum high.
Who are the travellers?

No one is discarded from that offer, travellers of all age or condition can respond, be they sales agents, students, people starting a new job, etc. The only condition is to be over 18 or accompanied by an adult.
Who are the hosts?

They are individual hosts or accommodation professionals willing to use this website to let one or more rooms.

How to stand out from competitors?

Dormir-Pas-Cher is a new concept that has no direct competitors. Beside couch surfing, traditional hotels or guest houses with soaring prices (including “low cost” hotels at € 35 per night); hosts on this site provide smart prices and fit in a market niche.
How to edit or cancel an advert?

A confirmation email is sent after each new advert is uploaded, containing an identification code giving access to a subscriber space. From that space, adverts can be amended, updated or deleted.
How to publish an offer for several rooms?

Hosts offering several rooms must publish an advert for each room. Each advert is individual and can be amended or deleted separately.

How do guests pay for the room?

Hosts and guests must agree on the payment mode (cash, credit card, cheque or traveller’s cheque). When arriving, guests are likely to be asked to provide an identification document (identification card, driver’s licence or passport).
Must I sign a special insurance policy?

It is recommended to hosts to sign an insurance policy that covers damages that could be caused by guests, or to mention to their insurance company that they occasionally let rooms.

Protection of personal data
Dormir-Pas-Cher website is an expert in accommodation solutions at a guaranteed maximum price of € 25.
It provides daily rental of rooms by particulars, guest houses, studio owners, bed and breakfast, discount hotels, inns, etc.
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